If you vote Romney Ryan, don’t tell me about it

We are one day away from election day and most everyone I love and care about is petrified of a Romney/Ryan administration.  We’ve stumped, we’ve donated, we’ve made calls.  The community has come together in an unprecedented way and drawn a line in the sand with their friends and family:  a vote for them is a vote against me.  Tomorrow will come and go, and whether we win or not, we will have to face those who voted to elect a homophobe, a man who has promised to enshrine discrimination into our government, both by policy and by nominating right wing zealots to the Supreme Court.
Here is my last plea, because most of you have already voted, or know who you will vote for.  Do not tell me if you voted Romney.  Just keep it to yourself, because having that information will not only cause me to question your intelligence, but more so, will solidify how much I don’t mean to you.  For those who fit into the friends/family category, that is information I would prefer not to know.
Truthfully, my social circle has been built around zero-tolerance for Republicans.  I cannot bridge the gap between people who want to be friends, yet vote to destroy my family and the families of my entire community. Period.  I had no problem ten years ago letting go of a childhood friend who said “she loved me, but not my homosexuality.”  That she “respected” my relationship, but didn’t believe that we should be able to be legally married.

This is what I tell people when they ask why we can’t just agree to disagree. Because I wouldn’t have agreed to disagree with people on segregation, on slavery, on women voting. These are matters of right and wrong, of equal rights. Not opinions. Not every opinion deserves to be respected, let alone voted for.

And yes, let’s talk about the economy.  I won’t even bother trying to convince people to do their homework in this arena.  But let’s just go with it, you’re voting Romney for the economy.  If you’re very rich, you will get to keep more of your money.  And I have to say, when this “I love my gay friends, but I’m voting for Romney” sentiment comes from a person of means, it is even more disgusting.  It is voting your pocketbook over your conscience. I have friends and family who consider themselves socially liberal but will vote for Romney because they don’t want to pay more than what they consider their fair share.  Sure, they believe in a women’s right to choose, gay rights, but it doesn’t mean as much to them as keeping more of what they earned (usually due to starting off their careers with a nice trust fund from daddy, by the way.)  Go go ahead and cast that vote, but once again, if you care to keep our relationship intact, don’t tell me about it.
In conclusion, I say this: No, I’m not a single issue voter…but if I was, don’t you think my equality is worth that vote?

8 thoughts on “If you vote Romney Ryan, don’t tell me about it

  1. I posted your last entry on my facebook, because YES it is personal! And I plan on posting this entry too. There are definitely friends and family of mine that I’ve straight-out unfriended but then there are those closest to me that, if I found out voted for R/R, I would just be hurt and disappointed and confused. I’m angry that people who I’ve deemed as reasonable and even intelligent would fall for the constant spray of lies spewing forth from the GOP. I hope and pray that Obama is allowed to continue to carry out the good work he has been doing and equality and justice will prevail.

  2. I am Obama/Biden all the way. And I am totally with you in all that you have written…I hope for all of our sakes, they win tomorrow!

  3. I am really scared that what little ground we have been able to gain here in Washington state will been null and void if Romney wins. He states that he will work for us all to increase jobs, but did not put the BUT in for the jobs that the LGBT community holds, we could be fired just for being who we are. He is evil in soooo many ways that nobody can possibly fully understand. I had a very bad dream that showed his true colors and I have to tell you I don’t discount my dreams, because tooo many have come true.

  4. Jill, excellent article and those who vote R/R do not have their heads or hearts in the right place. This isn’t right v left, it’s right v wrong. It’s about greed and power, not the general welfare of the people or our civil rights.

    I voted Obama/Biden a couple of weeks ago, even though I live in a deep red state that contains more hatred than love on a lot of things. Ignorance is high on the list problems here, too.

    Why vote blue in a deep red state? True, my vote won’t change that all our electoral votes will go to R/R, but it will add to the President’s popular vote total. We need for him to have the highest possible popular vote % we can get for him. If he has over 50% of the popular vote, he will have a mandate to lead the country in our direction.

    Obama must win the electoral college to win the Presidency, and that’s pretty much in the bag for him. But if we want progress, we have to make sure he has a mandate to lead.

  5. Well written, and I’m with you, %100. I have many friends, both male and female, who are Gay. So what? They are FRIENDS, FIRST. AS for the economy, I’m well within the %47. And I won’t kowtow to the ideals of the republican party. Keep on being you! The world needs more folks like you! 🙂

  6. That nearly brought tears to my eyes because I’ve spent many sleepless nights lately thinking of a life with Romney as our country’s leader. It will have a dramatic affect on all our lives, and frankly I’m not ready for it! I’ve talked to family/friends in an effort to sway their vote, some in vain. I’ve left facebook posts trying to convince people to vote Obama, in part so I can marry whoever the hell I please. Not to mention, how I’ve so wanted to run over my neighbor’s Romney/Ryan sign, and I’m not sure how I’ve kept myself from doing so. Seeing it every day, though, makes me fight all that much harder for Obama!

    Just know that you are not the alone in feeling this strongly about the election. Also know you will not be alone in shedding tears if Romney wins.

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