spring renew

it’s been a minute!  i almost forgot about this page – that’s what social media will do i suppose.

it’s spring, and i’m back in business again.  i just had to share.
a few months back, i was contacted by linda schlapp, the director for Global Volunteers LGBT program.  linda pulled me into this fabulous organization’s vortex and we are working to get me and lauren neal on a vacation this year to film the amazing work that they do.  the lgbt program is brand spanking new, and she’s trying to get the word out.  consider doing something good for someone else, and take an amazing vacation that’s tax deductible!  we’re hoping to join the greece trip in august or perhaps equador or costa rica in july.  contact linda if you’d like to join our trip and be a part of this amazing project with us!
if you know me at all, you know that i am loath to ask for money for projects.  i, like many of you ladies in our community, have been overwhelmed with numerous kickstarter and indie gogo campaigns.  sadly, without our own lesbian medici network, we middle class bums have to ask for handouts to get our projects made.  help my fabulous talented friend dalila ali rajah fund her directing debut!  $5, $10…it all helps.  you help continue to make lesbian cinema happen, and i finally get to play a drug addict.  we all win.
i honestly don’t know anyone more qualified to talk about vaginas.
but seriously, join me on saturday may 17th.  i’ve done this show dozens of times, but eve ensler’s masterpiece is still relevant and much needed in this world.  all proceeds go to the VDay Foundation  – a global movement to end violence against women and girls.
i’m baaaaack.  yep, after a fun guest star turn alongside number’s star david krumholtz, the girls rewarded me with a recurring character for season 2.  detective bennett (no joke, that’s her name) is back, and she’s meaner than ever. except when it comes to sunshine…tune in this summer for some hot lesbo action with rakefet abergel and company.   we have a private jet!
more fun stuff:
i’ve become very close with singer/actress haviland stillwell this year.  check out haviland’s new album – spark.  look out for a music video featuring yours truly coming later this year…
erin foley FINALLY had me on her podcast “sports without balls.”  what did i talk about?  the colts draft of course.  and horse racing, and “accidentally” releasing my own sex tape.  check it here.
and lastly, if you haven’t caught it yet (and how could you miss it?) check out my fabulous series Second Shot.  all three episodes are available for your viewing pleasure.
i promise to post more often.  this blog thing just seems so 2009, doesn’t it?

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