this article on jezebel inspired me to share.
here are some stats for you:
– 2 of the 3 closest women relatives in my life were raped
– i would estimate that about 80% of my previous girlfriends were at one point raped and/or molested
– i have been groped by two different male doctors. now i will only see female doctors if given the choice
– i was groped at a club, and I WAS KICKED OUT for kneeing him in the balls
– my high school best friend was date raped, no charges were pressed
-my college roommate was date raped, no charges were pressed
– in a restaurant in peoria, a drunk asshole screamed that he would “kill that fucking dyke” (me) when i refused to let him sit down at my table.  the policeman who arrived on scene refused to arrest him and asked ME WHAT I SAID TO MAKE HIM SO ANGRY.  when i took his badge number he told me to go ahead and call his lieutenant – and promised nothing would be done about it.  he was right.
those are just a FEW of my stories, and there are dozens more.  this from a woman who, as a lesbian, is rarely in the realm of danger (meaning I don’t date men or spend much time in hetero environments.)
super scary statistics given those parameters, don’t you think?
here is how i live my life as a result of these sobering facts:
-i never let a man walk behind me, even in broad daylight.
-i keep a gun by my bedside, despite wishing they would be banned in this country.
-i NEVER let another woman walk to her car or home alone.  ever.
and finally, i assume that every man i meet is a potential rapist until i get to know him.  yes, every single one.
i don’t want to hear one more complaint that we are overreacting to this epidemic of misogyny and male entitlement.  
and now that we are finally start to talk about it, how do we actually change it?

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